We are one of the leading companies in fabricating for cast aluminum and wrought iron handrails, doors, gates, balcony, boundary walls and decorative art for the internal art of life. The company was established in September 2012. Our company showroom is located in Salwa Road Area. Currently, manpower is consists of 35 skilled laborers for fabrication and paint sections. Up to date workforce continues to grow due to increasing product demand. We are equipped with modern equipment and tools to facilitate the production of high-quality products.

Our extensive knowledge of the current market and trends is supported by more than 7 years’ experience and retaining some of the most traditional skills and techniques as well as modern skills method in our well-equipped facility. All products of our company are also painted with top of the line high quality finished parts. We only use the best-formulated paints. We continue to develop and apply then to the contemporary environment. Due to the skill and relentless work of our craftsmen, our products have inspired our customer satisfaction and loyalty In a span of those years the company has expanded tremendously. We have completed many projects in Doha capturing a greater percentage of the market. Our works vary from residential villas to commercial buildings. We have projects tied up with construction and consulting firms. We have the ability to supply metal works according to project designs. Now we have ongoing major projects in Doha.