NOVERA Interiors is a design and engineering company, specializing in both residential and commercial building design.
Whether you need a quick update of your furniture and paint colors, a complete renovation of the entire house, or a design for a new home.
We offer a variety of services from interior designs and shop drawings to architectural and interior visualization and videos that will make our ideas understandable and implementable by contractors.
The most important goal of our company:
Providing support to citizens who are eligible for the state grant to help them build their homes at an appropriate price, and supporting them according to their capabilities, “particularly the youth,” to help them take the step of building with the highest quality and lowest cost..

Which results in supporting the economic wheel in real estate development and the activity of the construction movement to enhance the capabilities of contracting companies and contribute to building societal awareness in real estate matters….
We also provide all engineering services for companies and offices such as.. “shop drawings – perspectives and 3D visualization – videos”..
We are pleased to offer our expertise and skills to meet your expectations and ensure that the project runs smoothly and give you the best possible results.