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NeXTfairs for exhibitions and conferences and Boecker, a global leader in health and safety, have signed a partnership agreement to implement the preventive measures against COVID-19, and ensure public health and safety during NeXTfairs’ upcoming Build Your House (BHY 2021) exhibition.
The exhibition will be held at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) from March 22 to March 24, 2021, under the patronage of the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani.
Under the terms of the agreement, Boecker will implement the precautionary measures that will ensure the health and safety of all participants, exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition.
The measures include regular and consistent disinfection of the halls, exhibition stands and all exhibits before bringing into the exhibition halls. In addition, Boecker will also provide the general supervision of other preventive measures such as thermal scanning of the participants, wearing of masks, and checking Eheteraz App, among others.
Moreover, Boecker will provide internal audits on practices and measures taken -based on Qatar Clean programme that was launched by Qatar National Tourism Council to ensure the safety of organisers, participants, and visitors. In addition to applying the precautionary measures of QNCC in line with the best global and local practices in the field of business events, to provide the safest experience for both exhibitors and visitors.
NeXTFairs for Exhibitions and Conferences General Manager Rawad Sleem said, “We have a close relationship with Boecker as we have cooperated together in a series of previous exhibitions and events. In ‘BYH’ exhibition, we will apply the strictest precautionary measures against COVID-19 to provide complete safety for visitors and participating companies. That’s why we have partnered with Boecker, which is committed to providing global best practices in applying preventive measures against COVID-19, reflecting our keenness to offer an exceptional version of the exhibition this year.”
He said, “We at NeXTfairs developed a risk assessment plan of more than 40 pages, covering all the risks response plans from mitigation to avoidance to transferring and acceptance for the pre, during and post-event. This is a practice we do in general for all the events we managed, and precisely for Build Your House exhibition. We aligned the measures with the Ministry of Public Health guidelines and the local health officials, and we continue adjusting our approach as necessary to follow the best practices in the event industry.”
Sleem indicated that the guidelines of Qatar Clean Program will be implied during the exhibition including daily disinfection of the exhibition premises, as well as ensuring thorough disinfection of areas that entail meeting and communicating with visitors, especially reception halls, and other common places. In addition to maintaining a safe distance between individuals of at least 2 meters, conducting temperature checks on all employees daily during the three days of the exhibition, immediately isolating employees when noticing any of the symptoms, and keep in contact with the Ministry of Public Health, while applying the same rules to the participating companies.
Sleem added that ‘BYH 2021’ exhibition had attracted about 200 local and international companies, which reflects the tremendous global confidence in the Qatari market and enhances the options for the visitors of the exhibition by providing the best products and technologies in the fields of construction, architectural design, decoration, contracting, in addition to the technologies of smart and green buildings.
The second edition of the exhibition is marked by the diversity of participating institutions including the public and private sectors, as well as other international companies. The event targets Qatari citizens who are looking for building their houses to help them to obtain ideas and information about building their new houses or renovating their existing ones. The exhibition has also become an important platform that connects visitors with contractors and consultants to enable them to determine their options and make decisions related to the construction process.
Boecker in Qatar General Manager Carla Ghaleb said, “We look forward, through this partnership, to optimise all our experiences to ensure the health and safety of all visitors and participants of the exhibition. Boecker has more than 15 years of experience in the disinfection of public and private places. During the exhibition, it will dedicate highly trained technicians to carry out the disinfection process in accordance with international safety standards wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and using the latest spray technology.”