Digital Strategy

Social media can be one of the best ways to find and connect with your target customers. Instead of trying to be on every social media channel, narrow your focus to 2 or 3 and make sure that you give each of those 100% of your focus to drive results.


Search Engine Optimization, In short, it’s about getting your website noticed and more relevant. It’s the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of online website or showroom.


Web directories can be a great way for you to easily increase your online presence. The trick is to know which ones you should utilize and invest the time and energy creating your company’s profile.

Social Distancing

In the current circumstances, it is vital that your company acts responsibly and aligns fully with the social distancing measures introduced to protect the nation’s heath and economic future. Running a lucrative business should still be the core of decisions while keeping in mind the new concerns.

Supply Chain

As you know, different parts of the world are at different stages with the effect of the virus, but it is necessary to consider what to do if there is a supply interruption and what are your alternative services/products. Supply shortages may cause a higher cost of Material; avoid it by seeking out alternative suppliers.

Approach your clients

As it is essential to keep your current customers, proactive communication is a must, and we have many online tools at our disposal to run meetings, briefings and much more. The key is to keep in touch with your customers and ensure that they know how much you value them.

Manage remotely

Prepare to work remotely if possible. Some, or all, of your team may have to work remotely, are you prepared? Team members may live in an area that gets quarantined or may only be slightly sick; so review your policies and check your IT system security so that people can work away from the office.


People get information and news from a huge variety of sources these days and not all of them are reliable. As the leaders in your business, you should communicate what you are doing to keep them safe; engage with employees and observe the new found unity.

Building Relationships

As you are looking forward to post-pandemics, your potential customers are too. Shift your sales strategy into analyzing and forecasting new trends, capitalizing on them, using online resources and delivering a very responsive call back strategy when you turn ROIs into hot leads waiting for the right chance to start.

Create Balance

As construction firms are expected to take proactive measures to help protect their workers and ongoing projects, establish project/focus dedicated teams all while keeping honest communication open since all stakeholders are in it together. Avoid also the absence of your specialized and/or technical team members as they are crucial.

Travel Ban

Business Travels are banned, turn to teleworking and other technologies to keep business running smoothly while employees are at home.

Confidence and control

Take a breath, slow down and know that every day may bring more information, and the more information we have the better we can predict what to do. A sense of panic in affected areas is nearly as debilitating as the health effects themselves.

Safety first

Remind teams to use good hygiene including frequent hand-washing, covering coughs and avoiding touching their face. The basic principles of avoidance that we used for the H1N1 flu outbreak over 10 years ago applies to this situation.

Legal Concerns

Contractors may still be contractually responsible for delays or cost overruns on current projects, both contractors and owners should review contracts to see what contractual rights and duties exist, and come up with an understanding.


Insurance policies can help mitigate the effects of shutdowns and delays. As construction pros across the country, check your policies to see what types of situations are covered. It is the time to seek assistance from a professional insurance counselor to discuss coverage already in place and additional available policies.